Clinical Science Symposia: An Overview

The Academy hosts Clinical Science Symposia to encourage medical students and doctors to pursue research alongside clinical medicine, and develop the skills required to succeed. The events feature Australia’s most outstanding clinician-scientists, and seek to inspire Australia’s future health and medical researchers.

Catered to both young clinicians who are yet to fully delve into research, and those established consultants who are already involved in research and hoping to take it one step further, the Clinical Science Symposia will have something for everyone. The sessions include talks by academics from a range of specialities and each speaker gives a vignette of their own research in addition to their speaking topic.

Past speakers have included:

  • Professor Ian Frazer AC
  • Prof Christina Mitchell
  • Professor Stephen Davis AM
  • And many others!

With the first Victorian Clinical Science Symposium held in 2016, the event has since gone from strength to strength, and has inspired events in Queensland and Western Australia. Each of these symposia have been resounding successes, and will continue to be an annual fixture on the AAHMS calendar.

For more information about the upcoming Clinical Science Symposium, see below:

Past Events




External Opportunities for Fellows and Mentees

Please find below some of the current and upcoming opportunities in the medical research sector.

Capstone Editing Grant
for Mid-Career Researchers

Capstone Editing

Applications close on the 30th of December 2017

Applications are now open for the chance in up to $10,000AUD seed funding in an innovative research project. The project will aim to collect preliminary data that will guide a research council funding application. The grant will be used to cover any potential costs of the project. Successful applicants must be employed either full or part-time at an Australian Research Institution, must be a mid-career researcher and not currently working for Capstone Editing.

More information

Australian “Calls for Ideas & Innovation”

Innohealth Australia

Applications close on the 28th of February 2018

This wonderful opportunity addresses both the Australian healthcare community and the development of projects and networks in Germany. Innohealth will select 30 candidates who have successfully developed application orientated technologies, products or processes targeting healthcare. Innohealth will be looking at projects addressing the areas of eHealth and integrated care models, precision healthcare/individual health, antibiotic resistance and antimicrobial research and nutrition. Successful candidates will be researchers, postdocs and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to participate in a 1-week InnovationTour through Germany.

More information

Please contact Siena Ramsay at [email protected] for further information.

Enhancing the practice and reproducibility of health and medical research

The Council of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, in support of the report of the Interacademy Panel (IAP, UK)  entitled  ‘A call for action to improve the reproducibility of biomedical research: Update October 2016’,   endorses the report  and expects Fellows of the Academy to promote and follow the principles and practices described within the report.

Council will develop a proposal of measures for action,  in line with  the recommendations of the report.

Ian Frazer, President, for the Council.

Letter from Professor Andrew Holmes, President Australian Academy of Science

Dear Ian

On behalf of all of us within the Australian Academy of Science, warmest congratulations to
you and your colleagues on the establishment of the Australian Academy of Health and
Medical Sciences.

The AAHMS will provide a national and international forum for leadership in the field of health
and medical scientific research both in Australia and abroad. I note with interest in the
Academy’s stated objectives the intention to provide mentorship and support for aspiring
academic clinicians and clinically focused researchers. A further stated objective to promote
Australian health and medical sciences with other Academies is warmly welcomed, and the
Australian Academy of Science looks forward to working closely with the Academy of Health
and Medical Sciences in realising this objective.

It gives me great pleasure to wish you and your executive team, the Council, the initial Fellows
and the newly announced Fellows a truly celebratory inaugural meeting and much success in
the activities of the new Academy.

Yours sincerely

Professor Andrew Holmes AM PresAA FRS FTSE
Australian Academy of Science
Ian Potter House, Gordon Street, Canberra ACT 2601

Statement from the Institute of Medicine, United States

The Institute of Medicine congratulates the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences on its March 2015 launch. It is an exciting time for health and health care across the world, and we are pleased to have you as a fellow academy to face shared challenges and seize shared opportunities. We look forward to exploring areas where we may collaborate on issues of mutual interest and concern. We hope for many opportunities to work together toward better health for individuals across the globe.


The Institute of Medicine
The National Academies
Keck Center of the National Academies
500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001-2721
Phone: 202 334 2352
E-mail: [email protected]

Statement from Professor Sir John Tooke, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, United Kingdom

National Academies play an increasingly important role in ensuring that scientific advance is translated into benefits for society. In no area is that more important than in medicine. Australia makes a major contribution to medical science and it is fitting that such excellence is recognised through the creation of your own National Academy. The United Kingdom’s Academy of Medical

Sciences sends its warm congratulations to President Professor Ian Frazer and the inaugural Fellows who will be admitted today at this pivotal moment in the history of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. We look forward to forging a strong bond between our two Academies, drawing on our collective expertise to tackle medical and health-related issues of global importance.


Professor Sir John Tooke, President

The Academy of Medical Sciences
41 Portland Place
London W1B 1QH
+44 (0)20 3176 2150

Letter from Dr Xuetao Cao, President CAMS, Beijing, China

Dear Professor Ian Frazer and colleagues of Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences,

We at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences are excited to learn the founding of Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, a new member into the world of medical and health research agencies.

On behalf of CAMS, I wish you and your colleagues all the success in the medical and health arena. We wish to work with you, along with other Australian institutions in all areas of common interests and by all means mutually acceptable to enhance welfare of people in both countries.

I am grateful for your kind invitation yet feel sorry for missing this historic
moment of the public launch on 25 March in Canberra.

Congratulations again!
Xuetao Cao, M.D., Ph.D.
President, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Beijing 100730, China