Mentorship Program

Developing future generations of health and medical researchers

The Selection Process
Successful Candidates

The voluntary Academy mentoring program pairs health and medical researchers in training with experienced Fellows of the Academy, with the aim of facilitating career development and leadership capabilities of the mentee. The program is not meant to replace mentorship programs in universities and institutes, but to assist those reaching Associate Professor or junior Professor levels to provide mentorship in navigating higher level leadership and research capabilities.

Initial pairing will be arranged through the Academy, with ongoing arrangements for the mentorship activity negotiated directly between the Mentee and Mentor. Where possible, the Mentor and Mentee will be located in the same state, but not the same institution.

The Academy will invite Mentees to become Associate Members of the Academy during their mentorship.

The formal mentorship relationship will exist for 3 years. At the end of the three-year relationship, each Mentee will be asked to provide brief notes on the experiences, how they have benefited from the relationship, and any suggestions or proposals for the committee to consider to improve the Mentoring Program.

  • Mentors

    Prospective Mentors (Fellows of the Academy) are asked to complete the Mentor Form found HERE or download the form below and email to [email protected].

    Download Form
  • Mentees

    Prospective Mentees are asked to complete the Mentee Form and email this, along with their Curriculum Vitae and any other relevant information to [email protected] by November 30th for the first intake round in 2019.

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The Selection Process

The Academy Mentorship Program is competitive, based on a high measure of performance, achievement, and a demonstrated clear commitment to research and leadership.

Those admitted to the Academy Mentorship Program will be well advanced in the development of their career with an upward career trajectory. They will have a clear aim to be an independent leader of a research program and an international achiever in health and medical science research. They would normally have gained national or international awards, competitive grants, or achieved academic excellence, and have some emerging evidence of leadership.

Medical graduates would normally have a Fellowship, or be well advanced towards it, together with a postgraduate research degree (PhD) and early postdoctoral experience.  Scientific, Public Health or Allied Health professional graduates would hold a PhD or comparable qualification and postdoctoral research experience.  Those selected for the Mentoring program would generally have authored a number of research papers.

The Academy recognises the diversity of educational and development pathways to leadership in health and medical science and will retain some flexibility in evaluating those seeking to be admitted to mentorship.

Prospective Mentees are asked to complete the Mentee Form and email this, along with their Curriculum Vitae and any other relevant information to [email protected].

Key Dates

Submission Deadline                        Result Announced
31st May                                               September
30th November                                  April

Successful Candidates

Once selected, Mentees are responsible for making arrangements to meet with their mentors. While no limits are placed upon the range of issues which Mentees may want to raise in their discussions, the main aims of the Academy Mentoring Program are to provide a very experienced “sounding board”, someone with a broad scope of vision who may challenge the assumptions which Mentees may have made, and will seek to expose or enable the Mentees to discover the range of options potentially available to them.

As Associate members, Mentees will receive invitations to AAHMS state and national events along with opportunities to contribute to position papers/reports.  The Academy will host a Mentorship Day in conjunction with its annual general meeting, during which both Mentors and Mentees will have the opportunity to participate in group sessions designed to promote the training of the Mentee, and to further develop the Academy Mentorship Program.


Academy Mentors give their time and advice generously. They agree to meet with Mentees up to approximately four times per year.

Mentors will encourage Mentees to take a broader view of their career path; to see their research and other roles in the context of the health status of the population, and the health policy context, including priorities and significant needs; to identify collaborative and multi-disciplinary opportunities; and to challenge the Mentees’ past and present thinking.

Fellows of the Academy willing to act as Mentors are asked to email the mentorship co-ordinator [email protected].